Sept 2016 - August 2017

Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank

The Most Worshipful Grand Master has appointed W.Bro. F.J. Fletcher, of the Wiltshire Anchor Lodge of RAM No. 178 to Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank.

He will be invested on Tuesday 13th December 2016 at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London.

W.Bro. Frank was elevated into the RAM Degree on the 2nd May 2003 and became Worshipful Commander of his Lodge, Wiltshire Anchor Lodge which meets in Devizes, on the 7th May 2010. He is also a member of the Reginald W. Short Installed Commanders Lodge No.1460.

Congratulations to W.Bro. Frank on his well-deserved promotion.

The Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Andy Beaumont, hopes that as many Brethren as possible will travel up to London on the 13th December 2016 to support W.Bro. Frank Fletcher on this very special day.

Details of travel options will be posted nearer the time.

Trussell Trust presentation

Recently Nigel Dalby, and Ian White presented a cheque for £1,500 from Elias de Derham Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.443, and one for £250 from Wiltshire Provincial MMM Charity Fund, to the Trussell Trust.  Most of the money from the Lodge was collected during the tenure of W.Bro. Ian White as Worshipful Master.

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Lansdowne Lodge Install a new Master

Last evening Lansdowne Lodge of Mark Master Masons enjoyed a first class Installation Ceremony, carried out by W Bro Stephen Bridge, in the presence of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master W.Bro Bob Blake, who was accompanied by numerous Provincial Grand Officers.

The addresses to the new Master W.Bro Neville Hart - Ives, Wardens , Overseers, and Brethren were given in an exemplary manner and much appreciated by all in attendance.

Dinner was very enjoyable and a great atmosphere completed a memorable and enjoyable Masonic occasion.

Wiltshire Installed Mark Masters Lodge No. 1460

On Friday the 28th October at a meeting of the Wiltshire Installed Masters Lodge, in Devizes, V.W.Bro. John Bell presented the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. John Quigley, with the Grand Patron Gold Award for the Lodge.

This Collarette is awarded by the Mark Benevolent Fund for donations made to the Fund, of which V.W.Bro. Bell is a Trustee.

Pictures 006.jpg Certificate

Kennet Lodge No. 1599 Installation meeting

Newly installed Worshipful Master WBro R Wilson of Kennet presenting the winner of ‘Heads and Tails’, WBro Chalmers with a bottle of whisky.

Kennet Lodge No 1599 was delighted to be presented with two bottles of quality liquid refreshment from RWBro Martin Brown whilst in his tenure as Provincial Grand Master.

It’s taken a while to seize upon the right occasion but during the after proceedings of Kennets Installation meeting, held on 3rd November 2016, the first of these bottles was given away. This was duly done after of a game of ‘Heads and Tails’. The participation of this game generated a sum of £90 which will be donated to the Teddies for Loving Care scheme. A raffle also took place which raised a sum of £135 which will be donated to Macmillan Nurses.

Kennet’s next regular meeting will be on 2nd February 2017. This will be their 100th since the lodge was founded and they would be delighted to receive visiting brethren to celebrate this achievement. Further notification will follow but in the meantime would any Mark Master Mason who would like to express an interest  in attending please contact the Kennet lodge secretary;

1599 instalation.png

St Aldhelm Lodge No. 1531 Installation meeting

The November meeting of St Aldhelm Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1531, meeting in Malmesbury, saw W Bro Ken Lever take the chair of Master.  The Installing Master was W Bro Rob Youngs. Forty brethren were present for the meeting and all enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by our renowned caterer Andrew Evans and his family.

The donations made over the previous 12 months totalled £1900 (£300 for Parkinsons’ UK (Malmesbury branch), £400 to Prospect Hospice in memory of our late brother W Bro Robin Walker, £300 to Hope For Tomorrow, £500 to the Mark Benevolent Fund, £200 to Uplands Educational Trust in Swindon and £200 to Loganberry Trust for Prostate Cancer).  The Charity Steward, W Bro Dennis Kilford, informed the brethren that since its inception the “Smarties Tubes” had resulted in £4,800 being donated to charity.  For other lodges looking at ways of raising money for charity you may wish to consider this method.  Brethren are provided with a full Smarties tube.  When you or your family have eaten all the Smarties, simply drop any spare 20p pieces into it until it is full and then return to the Charity Steward.  This has proved a simple and successful way of raising money.

1599 instalation.png

Stuart Parry Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 1843

On Thursday 1st December 2016 the Stuart Parry Lodge held it's regular Installation meeting at Ludgershall when Worshipful Brother Rowley Cantello was installed as the Worshipful Commander.

You might say there is nothing unusual about that but this coming Friday, 9th December, Worshipful Brother Rowley will celebrate his Ninetieth birthday which makes this achievement of taking the Commanders chair again something special.

Brethren attended from lodges throughout the Province and every Royal Ark Mariner lodge was represented, a total of 47 Brethren.

The Ceremony was conducted in an excellent manner and the Brethren enjoyed a traditional meal of roast chicken with all of the trimmings at the festive board.

We wish Rowley a very happy birthday which he will celebrate with family and friends at Holt Village Hall on Saturday 10th December 2016.

The photograph shows all of the Brethren that attended the meeting with Rowley and his Officers.

1599 instalation.png Pictures

Royal Ark Mariner Annual Assembly

On Tuesday 13th December 2016, a number of Brethren from the Province of Wiltshire, including the Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. A.P. Beaumont and the Past Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. A.M.J. Brown travelled to London by train and car for the Annual Investiture Meeting of Royal Ark Mariners in Grand Lodge at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street London.

In attendance were The Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master, Richard Victor Wallis, JP, The Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master, Raymond John Smith and The Right Worshipful Assistant Grand Master, John Herbert Prizeman together with many visiting brethren from around the world.

During the appointment and investiture for the year 2016/2017 W.Bro. F.J. Fletcher of the Wiltshire Anchor Lodge of RAM No. 178 was invested Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank.

Afterwards we had an enjoyable meal in the Great Connaught Rooms before commencing our journeys home.

Many congratulations to Frank. It was a well-deserved promotion for all his continued hard work for the Province.


Mutual Support Between Lodges.


On the 23rd November Members of the Warminster Mark Lodge visited Geoffrey Short Lodge to support them in their ceremony as they were without a candidate. 

The Worshipful Master of Warminster Lodge WBro. Derek Atkinson stood in as the candidate, whilst members of Geoffrey Short Lodge performed an excellent ceremony. 

It is hoped that the co-operation between the two Lodges will continue when either is without a candidate, or requests assistance, as it adds considerably to the ceremony and the enjoyment of the evening as a whole.

Would you like to get involved with another Mark Lodge.

Have a look at the Map and pick one.

1599 instalation.png Interactive Map

100th Meeting of the Kennet Lodge MMM 1599


VWBro John Bell PDPGM and trustee of the Mark Benevolent Fund presenting the Worshipful Master of Kennet Lodge of MMM 1599 WBro Bob Wilson with an MBF Grand Patron Gold award for contributions received by the lodge and WBro R Pipe with a MBF Vice Patron award for personal donations.

The Kennet Lodge of MMM No 1599 celebrated its 100th meeting in Marlborough on Thursday 2nd February 2017 which was well attended by members, the Provincial Grand Master and visiting Brethren.

The lodge was treated to an excellent presentation of the history of Craft and Mark tracing boards by WBro Peter Hanfrey PGSD which was followed by a talk by VWBro John Bell PDPGM detailing the aims and objectives of the Mark Benevolent Fund and an overview of the roles and responsibilities of being a trustee of the fund.

The lodge proceedings culminated with VWBro John Bell presenting the Worshipful Master and WBro R Pipe with MBF collarets for contributions made by the lodge and personal donations.

1599 charity collar.png

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Wiltshire Keystone Lodge of MMM 178 Devizes

 The Wiltshire Keystone Lodge of Mark Master Masons No178 is the oldest lodge in the province and one of the oldest in England & Wales. The lodge was consecrated in 1874 approximately 18 years after the formation of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales.

The Lodge has always been a supporter of the Mark Benevolent Fund and donations are always made with the knowledge that the funds are used for the greater good. This loyalty has recently been rewarded with the presentation of the Grand Patron Award Collar which is a beautiful collaret to be worn by the Worshipful Master.

The presentation was made by V. W. Bro. John Bell at a recent lodge meeting which incidentally was a Provincial Team meeting, so the setting was for the presentation was the best you could wish for.  V. W. Bro John Bell gave an excellent explanation of the excellence work and the many charities that benefit from the fund, including one close to his heart ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ in which funds are given to help purchase mobile Chemotherapy  units that enable local treatment for patients that have transport difficulties.

2016-12-09 001s.jpg

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Surprise visit by the Provincial Grand Master to Chaloner Mark Lodge

On the wet and windy evening of Tuesday 7th February the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Andy Beaumont, accompanied by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Bob Blake, and the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies W.Bro. Simon Finn, made an unexpected (well almost!) visit to the Chaloner Lodge of MMM No. 599 in Melksham to make a presentation to R.W.Bro. Martin Brown our immediate Past Provincial Grand Master.

Delaying their arrival so as not to disrupt the planned Advancement Ceremony for Bro. Michael Keane, once the ceremony had finished an alarm was sounded, and to the surprise of the Brethren present, W.Bro. Simon Finn entered the Lodge and announced that the Provincial Grand Master was without and that he demanded admission.


The Provincial Grand Master then entered with the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, accepted the Gavel offered by the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Christopher Webb, and then occupied the Chair of Adoniram.  Everyone then waited, expectantly, to see what was going to happen next!

R.W. Bro. Andy Beaumont then asked W.Bro. Simon Finn to present R.W.Bro. Martin Brown, who was at a complete loss as to what was about to happen, to him in front of the Pedestal.  

The Provincial Grand Master, with much emotion, then gave a detailed account of R.W.Bro. Martin Brown’s long and distinguished career both in work and in Freemasonry. He finished by telling R.W.Bro. Martin Brown that, although we all knew when he retired as our leader in the Mark he had said he did not want a fuss made, that in true Wiltshire fashion, we had, of course, completely ignored it!

To R.W.Bro. Martin Brown’s astonishment R.W.Bro. Andy Beaumont then presented him with a cheque for £1,050, collected from all the Brethren and Lodges in the Province, for he and Audrey to do with as they wished. R.W.Bro. Andy Beaumont said it was a token of the Province’s esteem and respect for him, and of our grateful thanks for all that he had done during his time as our Provincial Grand Master.

Addressing the brethren in the Lodge, R.W.Bro. Martin Brown said he was speechless, that did not really know what to say as it was all a complete shock and surprise to him. After a small pause, he said that he felt very honoured, thanked everyone for their generosity, and that he was very pleased that the presentation had taken place in his Mother Mark Lodge.

The Provincial Grand Master then thanked the Worshipful Master for allowing him to occupy his Chair to make the presentation and invited him to retake his rightful place in the Lodge.

The Brethren then watched R.W.Bro. Martin Brown give an excellent Grand Lodge Certificate presentation to Bro. John Reid before the Lodge was closed and everyone retired to a very good and happy Festive Board.

It was an evening everyone present will remember and talk about for a long time!

PGM Speech IMG_20170207_204504913.jpg IMG_20170207_213619036.jpg IMG_20170207_214009647.jpg IMG_20170207_214303337_HDR.jpg IMG_20170207_204422345.jpg

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Martins Reply

The Provincial Grand Master has pleasure in announcing

his officers for 2017-2018

1599 instalation.png Officers

All change at Mark Grand Lodge

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Warminster Mark Lodge No.1110 hosted the first

 "Mark Awareness Presentation"

On Tuesday 14th March 2017 Warminster Mark Lodge No.1110 hosted the first "Mark Awareness Presentation" given by the Provincial Grand Master RWBro. Andy Beaumont and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master WBro. Bob Blake.


The regular meeting was opened and closed after Lodge business was completed in just 20 minutes. All the Officers & Brethren in attendance stayed in their seats and 10 Craft Masons from Concord, Wyvern, Lodge of Agriculture, Longleat & White Horse Lodges were admitted.


The Presentation of the Mark Degree explained the Origins, Regalia, Officers of the Degree, and how the Mark Degree fitted in with the Craft.  RWBro. Andy Beaumont and WBro. Bob Blake made the Presentation in an excellent manner which was well received by all those present, after which the Worshipful Master WBro. Derek Atkinson, thanked the PGM, his Deputy and  the Craft Members for their attendance.


The 38 Brethren who were present then retired to the dining room where they enjoyed a White Table Festive Board.  Several of the Craft Brethren have expressed an interest in joining the Mark Degree.

New Master for Wiltshire Downs Lodge No.1843

On the morning of Tuesday 14th March, WBro. Ian Gibson PPrGReg PrRAMGR PrGSec was Installed as Worshipful Master of the Lodge by WBro. Michael James PGSD RAMGR

As can be seen from the photographs the Provincial Grand Master RWBro. Andy Beaumont was the Presiding Officer, the PGM was well supported by the Provincial Team which meant that a good number of Brethren were present.

The after proceedings consisted of a Buffet Lunch which proved most successful.

1843 b.jpg 1843 d.jpg

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Lansdowne Lodge Honour a long standing member

The Lodge commenced at the earlier time of 6.00pm, due to having 17 items on the agenda, including a ballot for honorary membership,the advancement of Bro Steve Coope, elections of the Master Elect, Treasurer
etc etc.

Honourary Membership  was confirmed on W Bro John Crittenden, who was advanced in 1983, took the chair in 1991 and received Mark Provincial Honours as Junior Deacon 1993, Past Master Overseer in 1997 and Senior Warden in 2001. Mark Grand Rank of PAGDC in 2012.

He was a long serving secretary of the Lodge and was until recent times a staunch supporter and could be called upon to fill any office.

We were honoured by the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro Andrew Beaumont, who presented a Grand Lodge Certificate to Bro John Badger.

The meeting finished at 8.00pm when we retired to another excellent festive board.

Our next meeting is our Installation Meeting which will be held on Monday 23rd October 2017 start time 5.30pm, we would welcome visitors.

Mark Benevolent Fund Charity Walk - 6th May 2017

Responding to a call to action, six worthy Mark Brethren volunteered to walk on behalf of Wiltshire MMM's to help raise money for the Mark Benevolent Fund. The event organised by Mark Grand Lodge was a walk to raise at least £100,000 and for all the Mark Provinces to participate.

Read about the day A message from the Pro G.M.

Warminster Mark Lodge No. 1110

On 10th May Warminster Mark Lodge continued the reversal of it’s recent drop in membership when Bro John Carver was advanced into the Lodge in an excellent manner by W.Bro Derek Atkinson.

The Lodge has been extremely well honoured by both Grand Lodge with W.Bro Bob Blake being appointed Past Grand Senior Deacon and the Province with W.Bro Bob Blake continuing as Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro Alan Welch being reappointed Provincial Grand Almoner for the 7th year, W.Bro Chris Robbins is reappointed Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and W.Bro David Bush is to be appointed as a Provincial Steward.

The Lodge has donated £300 to the London Parks Walk and plans are in hand with the Master Elect for another Charity Skittles Night Challenge hopefully against two other Lodges and a team from the Province

 Wiltshire Mark Grand Lodge Appointments 2017

The Most Worshipful Grand Master has been pleased to promote and appoint the following Brethren from the Province of Wiltshire to Mark Grand Rank.

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St Aldhelm Lodge No. 1531

The 6th June meeting of St Aldhelm Mark Lodge No 1531 in Malmesbury featured an informative talk from

W. Bro. Peter Hanfrey on the evolution of Craft and Mark Tracing Boards.  The meeting was attended by the Provincial Grand Master RW Bro A P Beaumont and several guests.

During the dinner, where 21 members and 6 visitors sat down to a sumptuous feast, £150 was raised and will be donated to the Uplands Education Trust who help young people with special educational needs.

1599 instalation.png

Wiltshire Mark Grand Lodge Appointments 2017

On Tuesday 13th June 2017, a number of Brethren from the Province of Wiltshire travelled to London by coach, train and car for the Annual Investiture Meeting of Mark Master Masons in Grand Lodge at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street London.

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Provincial Grand Lodge 2017

What a great day we all had with our Provincial Grand Master

The R.W. Bro. Andrew P. Beaumont

See the Pictures & Read Andys Address  …….