Sept 2015 - August 2016

Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank

The Most Worshipful Grand Master has appointed to Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank.

W Bro. Peter L. Sidnell of the Concord Lodge No 971.

He will be invested on Tuesday 8th December 2015 at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London.

W.Bro. Peter Sidnell was elevated into the Royal Ark Mariner Degree into the Concord  Lodge No 971, on 14th November 1991, became Commander in 1998,  again in 2002 and 2007. He was appointed Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank in 2006. He is currently the Lodge Director of Ceremonies.

Many Congratulations to W. Bro. Peter, a well deserved appointment.

Annual Sunday Lunch

Another very successful Sunday Lunch was held at the Assembly Hall, Melksham on 4th October.

Some 130 sat down to enjoy themselves to food prepared by Victoria Moore Catering. The organisation was undertaken by W.Bro. Ian Gibson, assisted by his wife Liz, V.W.Bro. Paul Turner and his wife Joyce and many thanks to them all.

The Provincial Grand Master had the pleasure of welcoming the Provincial Grand Master of Bristol R.W.Bro. John Platts and his wife Pauline, together with a contingent from his Province, the Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. Philip Bullock and his wife Sally, also many ladies and friends of members.

The raffle was organised by W.Bro. Bob Blake assisted by his wife Lyn and Jayne Welch, raised over £635.00 towards the Provincial Charity Fund.

All left having had a good time, the ladies taking away a pot plant.

W.Bro. Ian is confirming the date for next year, which will published as soon as available

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Geoffrey Short Lodge on 23rd September 2015

At the last meeting of the Geoffrey Short Lodge on 23rd September 2015 Worshipful

Brother Peter Cook was presented with a Mark Benevolent Fund Grand Patrons

Collarette by V. Worshipful Brother John Bell.

Whilst presenting the collarette V. Worshipful Brother John told Peter that he should

wear his collar with pride as it showed other Brethren that in supporting the MBF he

gave support to those Brethren in need and all of the Worthy Causes which received

grants from the MBF.

All Brethren are encouraged to support the Mark Benevolent Fund.

Bristol Sunday Lunch

The Mark Province of Bristol held its annual Sunday Lunch in the Mercure Grange hotel in Winterbourne on Sunday 18th October to which all members of the Province of Wiltshire were invited by the Provincial Grand Master RW Bro John Platts.  There was nothing on TV except for Wales losing to South Africa so nothing to prevent any red blooded Englishman from attending the luncheon.
The luxury hotel set in its own grounds provided some excellent food and at £20 per head was tremendous value for money.
The Raffle allowed Wiltshire to rob Bristol of some of their prizes, some consolation for what they took home from our Luncheon the year before last and all was carried out with good humour and some hilarity.
RW Bro Martin Brown and his wife Audrey were in attendance accompanied by VW Bro John Northover, W.Bro Malcolm Mace and his wife Rosemary and W.Bro Bob Blake with his wife Lin.  All were made to feel very welcome and are looking forward to being able to return next year.
The annual invitation Is open to all members of the Province and maybe next year more of the Brethren and their wives from Wiltshire will accept.

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Another Lodge presented with Grand Patron Gold Award

At the Installation meeting of the St Aldhelm Lodge No 1531 held on Tuesday 3rd November at Malmesbury, the Provincial Grand Master who was presiding, asked V.W.Bro. John Bell, a Trustee of the Mark Benevolent Fund to present a new Grand Paton Gold Award Collarette and Jewel to the new Worshipful Master Robert Youngs.

V.W.Bro. John Bell gave but very interesting talk on the work of the fund and congratulated the Lodge on their generosity.

St Aldhelm Lodge are now the 7th Lodge in the Province to receive such an Award.

 During the business of the Meeting the Lodge Charity Steward W.Bro. Denis Kilford presented his Accounts and Report. He mention that since 2002 the Lodge had donated over £17,000 to many local and national Charities, also that over £4,600 had been collected using their “Smartie Tubes”. A truly excellent effort by the Lodge.

All Brethren are encouraged to support the Mark Benevolent Fund.

W.Bro.Denis Kilford,

Lodge Charity Steward; AMJB

W Bro. Robert Youngs,

New W. Master

V.W.Bro. John Bell

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You are never too old to be elevated into the

Royal Ark Mariner Degree

On the 12th November at the Concord Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 971, W. Bro. Paul Brown the Commander had the great honour of elevating his father Bro. Stuart Brown into the degree.

Bro. Stuart was 93 in September and he thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

To make it a very family affair, the signs were explained by W. Bro. Stan Holley, Stuarts Son in law.

At dinner W. Bro. Stan proposed the toast to Bro. Stuart, he produced a photograph of Trowbridge over 100 years old with a horse and cart carring vegetables and fruit with G Brown’s name inscribes. George Brown was the founder of the family firm, Stuart’s father.

All agreed it was a meeting not to be missed.

Photo - W.Bro. Stan Holley, W. Bro. Paul Brown, Bro. Stuart Brown.

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Chaloner Lodge receives a

Grand Patron Gold Award from the Mark Benevolent Fund.

At the December meeting of Chaloner Mark Lodge No. 599 V.W. Bro John Bell presented a Grand Patron Gold Award to the W. Master W.Bro, Jim Gooding. He thanked the W.M and the Charity Steward W.Bro Brian Amos for there effort in achieving this award, in return the W.M thank all the members of the lodge for there generosity toward the benevolent fund.

The lodge was also treated to a lecture on the history of the Mark Benevolent Fund from V.W. Bro. John Bell. He covered the event that led up the to it’s formation from the early days to the present day a most interesting talk.

If any brother would like any more info please visit

From Left to Right

V.W. Bro John Bell

W.Bro Jim Gooding

W.Bro. Brian Amos

Provincial Grand Master Philip Bullock Advanced as a Mark Master Mason

At the meeting of the Lansdowne Lodge of Mark Master Mason’s No 1035 held at Chippenham on the 21st December 2015, 80 Mark Master Masons gathered to see Philip Bullock advanced into the Mark Degree.

The ceremony was carried out to a very high standard by the Worshipful Master, W Bro. Stephen Bridge assisted by all his Officers, who were working in their new Offices for the first time

(No pressure!!!). He was ably assisted by W. Bro. Andy Beaumont who explained the signs and W. Bro. Frank Fletcher who presented the working tools.

At the end of the advancement Bro. Philip was welcomed by the Worshipful Master and then by the Provincial Grand Master, who explained that all 12 other Mark Lodges in the Province were represented, together with visitors from at least 5 other Provinces.

Following the closing of the Lodge, W.Bro. Ian Priest , Lodge Secretary took photographs of those present as a lasting record of the evening.

At the Dinner the toast to Advancee, Bro. Philip Bullock, was given by V.W Bro Francis Wakem, the Lodge Chaplain in a very thoughtful and interesting manner. V. W. Bro Francis has kindly agreed that it can be published see - Speech to the Advancee.

In his reply Bro. Philip thanked the officers of the Lodge for making the evening very memorable and interesting.

All agreed as they left that it would go down in the history of the Lodge and the Province as one of those evenings that they were glad they had attended and would be remembered for some long time.

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Radnor Lodge Celebrate Burns Night

After the Regular meeting of Radnor Lodge of Mark Master Masons, No 853, in Salisbury on the 11th January the Lodge held a Burn’s themed white table supper in the dining room of Freemasons Hall.

Lodge member’s wives and partners together with brethren from the Province & other Lodges, having been piped in to dine, enjoyed a delicious meal which included such traditional Scottish delicacies as neeps, tatties and haggis! The haggis was parade in to the dining room in the customary manner with the  excellent piping of Mick Stuart leading the procession and the address to the haggis was then given in an exemplary manner by W. Bro Sir Ron Stuart-Paul from St Cuthberga Lodge, No 99, in Wimborne.

A raffle was carried out with good humour and some hilarity and raised over £170 for Mark Masonic Charities. The Worshipful Master of the Lodge W. Bro Simon Ellingham, who presided over the proceedings, thanked the assembled company for their generosity and for such an enjoyable evening.

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A note from the PGM on the continuing growth of our website

Use of our Web Site

The Web Master has recently received the use of this Web site in December 2015.

An average of 77 visits has been made each day during December.

This is over a 100% increase over the last 2 years. A great effort on all those that have sent in information. Please continue to do so.

Congratulations to our Web Master and all those involved.

Please tell your members and friends as this is where Provincial Information is readily distributed.

Our Provincial Grand Master announces he is Standing Down

Elias de Derham Lodge RAM No. 443    25th January 2016

I wish to make an announcement this evening, as we are on a Team visit and it will affect the Province.

I wrote to the Grand Secretary in October last year indicating that I wished to stand down as Provincial Grand Master on 15th June, the day before the Provincial Grand Lodge.

I was first appointed as Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in June 1995 and subsequently as Deputy Provincial Grand Secretary in October 1997 have since served continually in Office for over 18 years, as Deputy Secretary, Provincial Secretary for 6 years, as Deputy Provincial Grand Master for 2 years and will have completed 6 years in June as Provincial Grand Master.

In all that time I have enjoyed my Mark Masonry and serving the Province. It has been a great honour and pleasure which I am very grateful for the opportunity, it does not come to many and I am very fortunate.

The Grand Master has now chosen my successor, which is the reason I have said nothing before.

I am very pleased to announce that our Deputy Provincial Grand Master W. Bro. Andrew Beaumont will succeed me on 16th June. W Bro. Andy although a joining member of the Province has served us well, as Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in 2000, Provincial Grand Junior Overseer in 2004, Provincial Grand Senior Warden in 2008 and Deputy Provincial Grand Master for the last 18 months. He has been Treasurer of Lansdowne Lodge No 1035 for a long time.

I am sure you will like to congratulate W.Bro. Andy and wish him well in his new role, which I am sure he will perform to a very high standard.

As other changes will be made I am sure W.Bro. Andy would wish to announce them.

I would like to make two other points, it is my intention to visit all the Lodges in the Province before June to say thank you.

Secondly, I do not wish any collection to made for me, members of the Province was very generous when Audrey and I celebrated our Golden Wedding 2012.

Thank you brethren.

Reply from W.Bro Andrew Beaumont 

Provincial  Officers Dinner 2016

On Saturday 30th January the Annual Provincial Officers of the year Dinner was held at Devizes Masonic Lodge.

50 Brethren and their ladies sat down to a very enjoyable meal and talk amongst themselves, unfortunately three were unable to attend due to colds etc.. As well as Active Officers, those that had assisted during the year were invited.

It was agreed by all who attend to be a great success, enjoyable food, good company and a very short welcome and thanks from the Provincial Grand Master.

Thanks to W Bro. Ian Gibson and his wife Liz for all the hard work in making a very enjoyable evening.

All the Photos can be seen here

Use of your Mark

The Provincial Grand Master has always encouraged members and visitors to use their “Mark” when signing the Attendance Book. He always makes this point when presenting a Grand Lodge Certificate.

Certainly the numbers have increase recently.

In September he made a promise that the first Lodge that he attended when all members and visitors had made their “Mark” , would be congratulated and a prize given.

At the Meeting of Kennet Lodge No 1599 held at Marlborough on Thursday 4th February, all 28 attending both members and visitors had appended their Mark.

Keeping to his promise he informed the Worshipful Master that they would receive their prize.

It is understood that a Bottle “Scottish” water and Port will be given to the Master to use as he wishes

Well done Kennet one of the smaller Lodges in the Province.

Now all should use their “Mark” in future.

St Aldhelm raise £400 for the Prospect Hospice  

The meeting of St Aldhelm Lodge of MMM No 1531 on Tuesday 1st March featured the official visit of the Provincial Grand Master and the Provincial Grand Officers.

In total 61 brethren, which included 30 visiting brethren, saw the Worshipful Master, W Bro Rob Youngs, conduct his first ceremony following his Installation.  

This was the Advancement of Bro Shaun Dowdell who becomes the 40th subscribing member of the Lodge.  

Sadly, the announcement was made of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of W Bro Robin Walker, our previous Worshipful Master, and a moving In Memorium was provided by W Bro David Clarke.  

The festive board proved noisy and enjoyable with an excellent meal provided by our caterers.  The raffle raised £400 which will be donated to Prospect Hospice, in memory of W Bro Walker.

Another Large Donation from the Mark Benevolent Fund

At the Meeting of Grand Lodge held at Freemason’s Hall, London on Tuesday 8th March Mr Stuart Baldwin, Chief Executive of the “Smile Support and Care” thanked the Mark Benevolent Fund for the generous donation to the charity. He also explained the formation and work of the charity, to give rest bite care to disabled children and families in Hampshire, West Sussex and some in south Wiltshire.

Attached is a leaflet produced by Grand Lodge with details of the presentation.

Read Leaflet …….

Changes within Mark Grand Lodge

At the Communication of Grand Mark Lodge on Tuesday 8th March 2016, the Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master, Richard Victor Wallis, JP, announced the retirement of R.W.Bro. Keith Emmerson as Deputy Grand Master after serving two years in that post. The Pro Grand Master thanked R.W.Bro. Emmerson for his enthusiasm and commitment to the Order during his time as Deputy Grand Master and wished him well in his retirement from active office.

 As a consequence of R.W.Bro. Emmerson’s forthcoming retirement, the M.W.Pro Grand Master announced the following appointments:

 R.W.Bro. Raymond John Smith, Assistant Grand Master as Deputy Grand Master

 R.W.Bro. John Herbert Prizeman, President M.B.F. and Provincial Grand Master of Hampshire and Isle of Wight as Assistant Grand Master

 R.W.Bro. Dr John Lawson William Wright, RD, FRCS will succeed R.W.Bro. Prizeman as President of the Mark Benevolent Fund.

 All three Brethren will be invested by the Most Worshipful Grand Master at the Investiture meeting on 7th June.

Wiltshire Installed Mark Masters Lodge No 1460

Brethren of the Wiltshire Installed Mark Masters Lodge No 1460 and their Ladies, numbering a total of 41, enjoyed another excellent Sunday Luncheon at the Bear Hotel, Devizes on Sunday 13th March.

W.Bro Michael James ably assisted by his wife Elizabeth, had organised everything on behalf of the Lodge and was congratulated by the Master.

The staff and catering were first class and a happy time was enjoyed by all. The Ladies were presented with daffodils prior to leaving and a bouquet given to Elizabeth James.

We look forward to next year!

Lansdowne Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1035

Lansdowne Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1035, at the April Meeting were honoured by the presence of the Provincial Grand Master for Wiltshire, R W Bro Martin Brown, on his last visit to Chippenham as PGM.

We were also delighted to receive a talk given by W Bro Peter Davies PPrGStdB, "The Pusser and his Men" which told of Royal Navy traditions and Masonic connections. This was met with acclaim by the Brethren and a taster of Pusser Navy Rum was issued during dinner.

The Worshipful Master W Bro Stephen Bridge, declared Bro Neville Hart-Ives as Master elect who will be Installed at our next meeting Monday 24th October 5.30pm.

During the festive board our Provincial Grand Master in response to his toast, thanked all Mark Master Masons for the support and fellowship he had enjoyed in nearly 20 years in his various Provincial Offices, he congratulated W.Bro Andy Beaumont on his being selected to follow in his footsteps and a special thanks to Audrey for her support to himself.

Donation to Holy Trinity Primary Academy

It all started with a hand written note pushed through the door of the lodge in Devizes.

The note was picked by the Treasurer (Br. Alan Sims) of The Keystone Lodge of Master Masons No 178 just before the lodge meeting in April.

The letter, which was very neatly written and signed by all the class requested help to raise funds for an outside class room.  

A series of e-mails and the letter was quickly announced in correspondence received during the meeting and the letter passed to W. Br. Pete Marsh who proposed that the raffle at the after proceedings go to the school.

All agreed and the member dug deep into their pockets and raised £112.00. Br. Alan Sims on behalf of the Lodge and Charity Stewart (W. Br. Pete Marsh) send a cheque and in response the lodge has received a very nice hand written letter from The Holy Trinity Academy. (See Attached copy)

Lodge Secretary, Br. Steve Botham.

Devizes Keystone Mark Master Masons No  178  

Provincial Grand Lodge 2016

What a Grand Affair it all was. Check back for an account by our new PGM

The R.W. Bro. Andrew P. Beaumont

See the Pictures & Read Andys Address  …….

Grand Lodge Installation Meeting

On Tuesday 7th June 2016 a number of Brethren from the Province of Wiltshire travelled to London by coach, train and car for the Annual Investiture Meeting of Mark Master Masons in Grand Lodge at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street London.

In attendance were The Most Worshipful Grand Master, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent, who presided at the meeting, together with The Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master, Richard Victor Wallis, JP, The Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master, H. Keith Emmerson and The Right Worshipful Assistant Grand Master, Raymond John Smith.

After the opening formalities, attention turned to the to the main agenda items:

 Proclaim Most Worshipful Brother, His Royal Highness Prince Michael; of Kent, GCVO as Grand Master and he was saluted accordingly.

 Appoint and Proclaim Most Worshipful Brother Richard Victor Wallis, JP as Pro Grand Master, with appropriate salutations.

 Appoint, obligate, invest and install Right Worshipful Brother Raymond John Smith as Deputy Grand Master, with appropriate salutations and finally,

 Appoint, obligate, invest and install Right Worshipful Brother John Herbert Prizeman as Assistant Grand master with appropriate salutations.

Before all the appointments the various Committees were elected. V.W.Bro. John Bell was re-elected as Trustee of the Mark Benevolent Fund.

The appointment and investiture of the Grand officers for the year 2016/2017 then proceeded and included the following Brethren from the Province of Wiltshire:

 W.Bro. Peter Hanfrey, Swindon Keystone Lodge No 401, promoted to Past Grand Senior Grand Deacon.

 W.Bro. Paul Emerson, Elias de Derham Lodge No 443, appointed to Past Assistant Director of Ceremonies and finally,

 W.Bro. Malcolm Mace, St Aldhelm Lodge No 1531, appointed to Past Grand Standard Bearer.

Many congratulations to all, and well deserved for all their hard to work in their Lodges and around the Province.

Pictured left to right:  

W. Bro. Peter Hanfrey,

W. Bro Malcolm Mace

W. Bro Paul Emmerson.

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