It is with sadness that we report the passing of

W.Bro Peter Cook

Passed to the Grand Lodge above on 12th April 2018.

I always try to avoid personal comments in these reports but in this case I feel I have little choice.  I met Peter many years ago and he was forever smiling and pleased to say "hi" to all that he met.  Oddly enough I never knew that his first name matched my own.  His wife passed away a few years ago and this did shake him but he seemed to find comfort from his friends in Freemasonry who helped him through it all.  Although he was not a member of "lots" of lodges he was known to a great many.  He WILL be missed by plenty of brethren in the Province.

s&f regards
John Badger

Peters was a member of Geoffrey Short Mark Lodge 0971 - Joined 26/01/1994 He was Master in 2005.

He was a member of Concord RAM Lodge 0971 - Joined 11/11/2004

He was also the Secretary & Representative on the Provincial Grand Lodge Committee.
He was awarded Provincial honours in 2015 Provincial Grand Senior Overseer

Peters funeral details will be published here.